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Own Your CBD Oil Business

Are you looking for an opportunity to make more money? How about the chance to have more control over your time off and the possibility of creating a business that has endless potential? If you answered yes, then check out our CBD direct sales affiliate program.

Own Your CBD Oil Business

How exciting that we part of a marketplace with products that are not already in every store and on every retail website? CBD products are just now making an appearance and you have the opportunity to be one of the first on the sales stage. In fact, Forbes Magazine estimates the CBD industry will grow to 2.1 billion dollars by 2020, that’s up 700% from 2016. So are you going to watch this industry pass you by or are you going to make it happen? You don’t want to say, wow I wish I would have gotten into the business when I had the chance. In terms of skincare, many experts are predicting CBD to be the next big thing in the skincare marketplace. Furthering the opportunity is the fact that the CBD in our products is not the norm, our CBD hemp oil comes from one of the only federally regulated facilities in the United States, and is extracted from the whole plant not just the stalk. Most others come from questionable suppliers overseas just looking for the chance to make money.

When you sell for CBD BioCare you can feel confident that you are offering the best CBD products available. We are committed to not just marketing a product to make a buck, we are committed to offering products that our customers fall in love with. We are here for the long-term and we will do whatever it takes to earn customers and keep them. We are not just selling CBD, we are building a CBD BioCare community.

What our program has to offer:

  • Manage your own sales.
  • Control your own schedule and earning potential.
  • Receive sales training and marketing materials.
  • Carry to no sales inventory to hold or deliver.
  • The opportunity to build and manage a sales team. (This is not multi-level marketing, it is one level with an override)
  • Receive generous commissions.
  • Associate with people who share your passion to educate about CBD.
  • No license, certification or degree required.

Becoming an affiliate:

With CBD BioCare you can be an independent affiliate or you can build a sales team. You will be paid on a weekly basis and benefit from a 10% override on your teams sales. Plus, your commission is based on your volume and your sales teams volume combined, so the more you sell collectively the more money you can make. To learn more please watch our commission 101 video.

Building a Sales Team

If you are ready to join our CBD BioCare Team, you have five options to choose from. These options are based on your needs as an affiliate to support your success.

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